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Greetings & a Merry New Year for 2012!

Posted by thomastillandsons on December 31, 2011 at 1:40 PM

Well I must say that what started out as a mild interest in 2006 fast became a regular hobby for us and later a mildly obsessive compulsive disorder... However, we have recognised that not only is our interest in Thomas Till bordering on OCD we are fast becoming 'hoarders'!!

The good news is that we have recognised this serious condition and we are attempting to rectify this matter immediately. We have decided that when we have catalogued and photographed every item we own, some for displaying on this website - others for our own records, we will sell some surplus items on this website.  It does make sense to keep  just a few select items - this will still mean that we have a number of very full cabinets and shelves but at least we will have reduced the number of packed boxes that are stored everywhere and severely impinging on our living space... There really is a limit to how many 'Clyde' dinner plates one really needs...

Hopefully we will be able to help those interested in Thomas Till to complete their own dinner or tea service and enjoy a little bit of Thomas Till & Son/s with us.

However, this is not the end of our hobby by any means. We still want to continue to search for new patterns and forms and maintain a more manageable collection. Indeed we have been lucky enough to come across three new patterns in the last month!

We have received many  enquiries and comments about our website from all over the world which is very exciting for us given that we assumed any interest in Thomas Till would be restricted mainly to Staffordshire. We have also received valuable feedback on our website from a variety of sources. We have asked friends and family to 'road test' our website to make sure links work and the pages are published properly. My writing and uploading of photographs has been a little ad hoc, I'm afraid, and I hold my hands up to some bad grammar and much repetition. This is probably down to the many many pages of notes that I have made as I have been researching the Till family. Having said that, the consensus opinion appears to be that the majority of those who contacted us like the 'book' format so we have decided to keep it. Others have reported enjoying reading about how we started collecting and like the fact we are just a normal couple who are sharing an interest - however we have decided to move pages about us down the side list as this is a Thomas Till website. Some people are actually surprised when we reply and possibly thought we were an imaginary couple!

We decided against a more formal format for the website, as suggested, if it were to be an academic resource, as we do not want to alienate those who feel that we are easy to approach and chat with. Many have said they enjoy browsing round our website and that they prefer that it isn't 'stuffy and patronising'.  We will retain the use of 'Museum' in our title but I am not aware that the use of the word means that we have to lose an element of humour about our website. Nonetheless, we do try to be as  factually accurate as possible when we write about the Till family and if we are not sure about our facts we do state this.  

I am eternally grateful to Cynthia Russell, a direct descendent of the Till family, and members of the family who, through Ms Russell,  have been able to fill in many gaps in the family tree and correct me over some points. It is my absolute aim to ensure that I do justice to Thomas Till's memory and their continued input is of great importance to this website.

So we are on the eve of 2012 and our collection is just five and a half years old yet has grown far beyond our wildest expectations when we began. We would like to wish you all a Merry New Year and a prosperous 2012.

Kindest wishes,


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