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Posted by thomastillandsons on February 6, 2012 at 11:35 AM

First of all, a huge thank you to all of those who have responded to our website and provided us with photographs of your own Till pieces. It is wonderful to know that there is so much interest in Thomas Till and we love sharing stories of how the items were actually acquired. Many being inherited or received as presents.

One of the most common questions we are asked is how much an item is worth. Obviously we do have a rough idea how much items are worth based on what we observe or have paid for Till pieces. However we are not valuers and if we have paid for something through an auction then really the item is valued at that price on the day. It is true that an antique dealer is going to put a higher price tag on an item than a piece entered into an auction. It is only reasonable that a dealer has to make a profit on a transaction so buying cheaply at auctions makes sense.

In all honesty, the likelihood of owning a valuable Till item isn't terribly high as Wedgewood, Spode, Clarice Cliffe or Moorcroft are all recognisable names that trip off the tongue as being collectable. Sadly when we mention Thomas Till we are more likely to be met by a blank stare! However we hope that we are raising the Till profile and we would be delighted to see more 'Till' collectors as we now know there is a lot of undiscovered Till & Son/s pieces worldwide.

We have seen some ridiculous prices being asked for quite ordinary Till items. For instance we have seen a pair of 'Empire' Tureens described as extremely rare and have been advertised for £450 - for about two years! They are neither rare or that valuable.  We did see a full handpainted 8 piece washbowl set advertised in an antique dealers for £450 about three years ago which we believe sold to a buyer in Australia. In our opinion this is a good investment as fully handpainted items are desirable. (They may have been signed by F.Bourne the painter) The same antique dealer also had a washbowl and jug in the same handpainted design. We would have loved to have bought this but unfortunately we could not afford the £250 asking price...

Parian ware jugs are quite collectable, as are teapots. We also look out for graduated jugs because a complete set to have survived intact is always a pleasure to discover.

We will look forward to your continued support. You can also find our new Facebook page on!/pages/Thomas-Till-SonS/149431981809158

Please come and 'like' us!

Best wishes

Christina & Mic

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