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Broken in transit...

Posted by thomastillandsons on February 24, 2012 at 4:30 AM

Most of our Thomas Till acquisitions come to us via parcel post so it is always very disappointing when something eagerly anticipated arrives as a jigsaw :( .  Some people are excellent at packing items using wads of bubble wrap, cardboard, crumpled newspaper to fill gaps and know to keep the item away from the sides of the boxes. Most mail companies are not as careful with our parcels as we would like or hope them to be and even the best packed parcels can arrive with breakages. Obviously it is disappointing and annoying if we have paid a lot for an item but even if we have managed to purchase a Till item for a song we are still saddened to know that over a hundred years of history has been destroyed in a second...

Yes we do mend pieces for our collection and to add to our museum but the reality is that the item is worthless if it is broken. Most sellers are very reasonable and will reimburse a payment if items are broken but it is rare to get the costs of postage back which can be very high. Even more annoying is when people specifically ask us how to pack an item and then proceed to completely ignore our suggestions.

We recently paid quite a lot for an old dinner service which we had not seen before with just the impressed TILL backstamp. After suggestions that the service was packed equally into two cardboard boxes and each item individually wrapped in bubble wrap and the gaps filled with crumpled newpaper to stop the item moving about inside the boxes, we were dismayed to see two plastic lidded boxes arrive and the items were basically wrapped in newspaper and the lids held down with parcel tape which is most definately NOT sufficient. We now have a muffin dish lid, a pewter lidded jug, three saucers and a sandwich plate in pieces. Now we would not have minded so much if the packing had been good but there was no attempt to pack as we had advised. One of the plastic boxes was completely crushed in one corner and provided no protection - indeed it might have contributed towards the damage to the items... :mad: And given that the seller had originally said that the service was already packed in two plastic boxes ready for pick up I don't think it is an unreasonable assumption to believe that the dinner service was not repacked at all and simply sent.

It isn't the cost that is the issue but the fact that we had not seen this pattern before - we may never again... This dinner service could have survived for as long as 162 years but now it is incomplete :(. We are passionate about Till & Son/s so it is really sad when a piece of pottery has lasted for so many years but then destroyed through carelessness...

Ah well....

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