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Posted by thomastillandsons on October 24, 2011 at 11:20 AM

We would just like to issue a big Thank You! to those who have contacted us with information about Thomas Till, requests for information about Thomas Till earthenware and also details of the treasures that you have hidden away. We are slowly trying to photograph and catalogue all of our extensive collection but it is a slow process.

We are still collecting and looking out for new patterns or different forms of exisiting patterns so our collection is still growing.

We are often asked for a rough valuation of different Till items. We would love to be able to give a difinitive answer but the honest one at present is that Thomas Till earthenware sells for what somebody is prepared to pay. We have obviously paid more for unusual and individual items when they have appeared but we refuse to pay 'over the odds' for an item. For us, Thomas Till is a collectable of the future.  Some pieces are certainly more collectable than others but it also depends upon condition. And of course you have to love what you collect. One of my favourite items is a 'Lahore' pewter lidded jug which, on closer inspection, suffered a catastrophe and is stapled together to one side. Sadly it is probably virtually worthless in monetary terms but to us when we found it it was priceless.

We did have our eye on a wonderful set of three graduated handpainted jugs for ages which were not unreasonably priced at around £50 each. Unfortunately we weren't in a position to afford them but they came down slightly in price and a timely wedding cheque meant that we could justify buying them! However, a pair of 'Louis' tureens are presently being advertised at around £700. Now we cannot tell somebody not to pay this if they need to complete a dinner service but we certainly would not. We would rather invest in something earlier, probably handpainted and frankly, less boring and quirkier!

Sometimes we see a reasonably priced Till item but sadly they are in America or Australia which can make the purchase prohibitive due to postage costs. However even more annoying is the idea that delivering to our part of Scotland costs more than other parts of the UK. It does depend on the courier but ParcelForce charge the same as the rest of the UK, certainly to our area, so it is very annoying when we realise a seller won't deliver to our area or try to charge more... hmn...

Well, once again we are delighted to hear from anyone with a piece of Till or Tillson ware in their china cabinet, attic or paintbrush cleaning mug.  It doesn't matter that we may be very familiar with the pattern - we are collectors - we should be! Sometimes somebody does have something that we have never seen or a familiar pattern but in a different style. So please continue to send us photos of your treasures and do visit us when you can.

Kindest regards,

Christina & Mic

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