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Thomas Till and Son/s Online Museum

Till and Son/s Online Museum

It costs us an average of £65.00 per month to keep this online museum going in website fees (to remove unwanted adverts from the site) and other expences such as electricity, internet fees, storing all our Till pieces, etc. This does not include the cost of actually buying Till and Son/s items to add to our collection which is considerably more. Our online museum is a non profit organisation dedicated to sharing our knowledge of Thomas Till earthenware and family history. We eventually hope to publish a book based on our extensive collection  and eventually facilities for an actual museum so that visitors can see our collection first hand, as well as keep the website updated with new additions. Any donation, however modest,  that enables us to keep this website going would be gratefuly received.

A custom donation to our cause can be made easily and safely via Paypal.

With kind thanks for your continued support, Mic & Christina

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