Transferware Transferware 'Belmont' Blue & white 'flow blue' transferware pitcher. 49636474 Royal Cottage This transfer pattern can be found as 'Barker & Till', 'Till' or 'Till & Son' 85493660 Willow This particular willow plate is a 'Barker & Till' which dates it as pre-1850. 85493661 'Ramsey' Blue & white transferware jugs. 49636473 'Lincoln' Coloured transfer pattern. 85493668 Royal Cottage This is a form variation on the standard 'Royal Cottage pattern. The platter has white glazed decorative handles. 85493662 'Clematis' Set of seven butter pats in the 'clematis' pattern. 49636471 'Cyclamen' Large wash bowl. 49636472 'Niphon' Blue transferware platter. 85493664 'Niphon' Tureen or soup ladle. 85493663 'Niphon' Elegant light blue transferware lidded tureen with matching ladle and base. 85493669 'Paris' Delicate floral transferware gravy boat and saucer. 85493670 Unidentified Till & Sons This superb flow blue lidded tureen has yet to be properly identified. The name will be added when we can find another piece in our collection to confirm the name. 85493673 'Shanghae' Unusual blue transferware cake plate. We have a great deal of Shanghae in our collection and will be dedicating a separate gallery to this pattern. 85493674 'Pearl' Blue transferware lidded tureen with matching base. 85493672 'Ye Olde Dresden' We have a dressing table set and tea set in this same deign but the backstamp reads 'Ye Olde English'. We believe that the name may have been changed after WW1 due to Britains reluctance to buy anything with a German reference. There are two identified colour forms for this chintz/calico transferware pattern. 85493680 'Lahore' A beautiful example of an 'oriental' imari transferware. There is an example of this item in the Victorian & Albert museum. 85493685 'Flanders' A particularly striking and unusual pattern. Both form and pattern are unusual for Till earthenware but positively identified by the backstamp. 85493676 'Pearl' Tureen or soup ladle. 85493671 Tillsonware Much tillsonware is un-named but the form of the tureen is typical of many Tillson patterns. Especially notable is the 'bud' handle on the lid and the short scrolled handles. 85493675 'Pagoda' We have a great deal of Pagoda items but most of it is in a blue willow type pattern. This large platter is unusual as it has been handpainted over the original transferware. 85493677 Unidentified pattern. A delightful transferware stilton plate. These are often confused with cake plates, and indeed may have been used for this purpose if not intended as such. 85493678 'Rheims' A sweet coloured transferware lidded pot almost certainly part of a dressing table set. 85493679 Tillsonware A coloured transferware trio. We believe Tillsonware was aimed at the budget end of the market towards the end of Till & Sons in 1928. 85493683 Tillson Budget coloured transferware teapot, sugarbowl and creamer. 85493684 'It'alian Light flow blue transferware border. 85493667 'Imperial' Colour transferware border. 85493666 'Greek' Simple blue transfer border. 85493665 Unknown pattern We have seen this Imari pattern on plates and tea sets. This particular item is early Till and has the impressed TILL stamp. 133324512 'Navy' Elegant flow blue pitcher. 85493681 'Bluebell' Large coloured transferware tureen. 85496390 'Lincoln' Red transferware lidded tureen with ladle and matching base. 85496391 133324828 Barker & Till; Lacaonia 169930408 Barker & Till; Lacaonia 169930409 169930411 169930413 Pair half pint pub mugs 169930414 Half pint mug Assay marked hand finished transferware pub mug 169930415 169930416 Holly backstamp 169930417 Holly picher 169930418 Acacia tureen and ladle 169930419 Acacia tureen and ladle 169930420 Acacia ladle 169930421 Ivy backstamp 169930422 Ivy comport 169930423 Ivy comport 169930424 Ivy detail 169930425 pitcher backstamp 169930426 Pitcher unknown pattern 169930427 Pitcher unknown pattern 169930428 Jardinere 169930429 Jardiniere 169930430 Jardiniere 169930431 Acacia backstamp 169930432 Acacia dinner service 169930433 Acacia platter 169930434 Acacia dinner plate 169930435 Acacia tureen 169930437 Acacia backstamp 169930438 Pair Acacia tureens 169930439 Unnamed wash bowl 169930440 Unnamed wash bowl inside 169930441 Cecil backstamp 169930442 Cecil saucer 169930444 Cecil cup and saucer 169930445 Clematis backstamp 169930447 Clematis ladle 169930448 Clematis three piece tureen with ladle 169930449 Clematis tureen and ladle 169930450 Clyde cake plate 169930451 Clyde cake plate 169930452 Clyde muffin dish 169930454 Clyde teapot 169930455 Cumae backstamp 169930456 Cumae platter 169930457 Cumae detail 169930458 Cumae pattern detail 169930459