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Our Victorian Steampunk Wedding with Thomas Till


After much planning and consideration we wanted our wedding to be both different and meaningful to us so we tried to incorporate as many of our interests as possible into our wedding day. We chose to get married in a Scottish Lighthouse Museum, partly because we like the Victorian industrial feel of the gallery where the ceremony was held and also building an online museum we liked the idea of our own wedding supporting another museum. It also meant that we could wear our favourite clobber, or as family and friends politely refer to as ranging from eccentric to mad!

If anyone is interested in finding out more about having their wedding at Fraserburgh Lighthouse museum then please visit the link below. We chose to marry in the lens gallery which is part of the actual museum  and full of all things 'steampunkery' but it is possible to hold a small wedding on the roof tower of Kinnaird Head House which may be a bit more Kathy & Heathcliffe!  (Not on windy days though or your crinoline may double as a dirigible!)

We married in August on a rather windy and rainy day so sadly we were unable to take advantage of having photographs outside which was disappointing but given that the previous week had been beautiful and sunny this couldn't have been predicted. This didn't affect the wonderful experience of being married in such a stunning environment and our small tea party in the Ocean Cafe has incredible views of the sea.

Oh one other thing - with all the steps and uneven surfaces - best to do what I did and lift the hemline by an inch and wear sturdy flat laced up Victorian boots!


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Wedding Photography

As part of the Scottish ceremony we were able to include a first drink as a married couple from a loving cup. Naturally we had to use our two handled 'Shanghae' loving cup (tankard?!) which dates back to betweeen 1850 - 1860. Most couples use a liquor but we chose a local ale as we felt a liquor measure would disappear at the bottom of the mug... Also sipping ale from the mug during the ceremony was a little more dignified than having to tip the mug right back!

It was essential that 'Thomas Till' was with us in spirit as we signed the marriage register, hence the 'Shanghae' two handled loving cup on the table along with other 'Victorian' acoutrementes - not least being inside the lens gallery of the Scottish Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was converted by Robert Stevenson in 1824 from Kinnaird Head Castle into a lighthouse. For more information visit the link below.

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