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Sometimes we come across items that are definately Till & Son/s but there is no pattern name or the item has not been marked. If anybody has a Thomas Till item in their collection we would be pleased to include a photograph in this section along with a credit to the owner. Please contact us if you would like more information about your Till & Son/s earthenware.

If you do send us photographs, can you please inform us if you are happy for us to include the image on this website with the information you have provided. Also please try to send us as clear images as possible preferably in JPEG format. Thank you.

 Want to sell your Till and Son/s item?

If you wish to sell your item/s please let us know. We can list your item indefinately for a small fee of £2.50 per item which will help us pay for the subscriptions on this website and keep it advert free - payment can be made through our Donations page. We will not be responsible for the actual transaction but we can put you in touch with an interested buyer. The only thing that we ask is if your item sells that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can declare your item sold. Thank you.


 A big thank you to Huw Webber who has allowed us to use photographs of his delightful 'Clematis' small sauce lidded tureen with base and ladle. It is unusual to find a lidded tureen with the base and ladle intact. As Huw mentions in his email to us, this would have been a beautiful dinner service and we couldn't agree more. The tranferware and style is not dissimilar to 'Poppy' which is also on this page.



Thank you to Carol Eyre who provided us with photographs of a 'Poppy' gravy boat with base and a 'Poppy' small sauce tureen with base. Apparently this was an eighteenth birthday present to her -what a delightful present! The only piece missing, sadly, is the small ladle that would have accompanied the small sauce tureen. Both of these items are for sale - see below.

We have a significant number of 'Poppy' items and will be presenting our collection in the photo gallery soon.

Poppy small sauce tureen and gravy boat for sale with bases.

'Poppy' blue transferware gravy boat and matching base. £35.00 plus P&P (Please use 'contact me' for further details)

'Poppy' blue transferware small lidded tureen with matching base £35.00 plus P&P (Please use the 'contact me' page for more details)

Imari style tea service circa 1850


A big thank you to Caroline Young who sent us photographs of some items from a part tea service that she had handed down to her. This transferware has been finished with handpainting and gilding and has an impressed TILL backstamp dating it to circa 1850. The name of this pattern is unknown but it is a stylish oriental/bohemian pattern which is quite forward thinking for the time.

It is wonderful to see such an old tea service in such pristine condition!


'Union' dinner service owned by Mr Stephen Dearlove


We would like to extend out thanks to Mr Stephen Dearlove who has kindly provided us with some photographs of a superb dinner service, 'Union'  belonging to his Great-Grandfather. We had never come across the name or the pattern before so this was a delightful story for us.

Mr Stephen Dearloves Great-Grandfather, Francis James 1829 -1905, a  merchant who lived in a substantial five storey home in Bristol. His business partner was the then Lord Mayor of Bristol. Francis James had a large family of fourteen children. (It is pure speculation but given that we have managed to locate William and Mary Till at Llandudno in a Welsh Census and Edwin Till at an Inverness Hotel during another census, it is not impossible that Mr Francis James may have known a member of the Till family... )

"...  to put it in some form of family context, my Great grandfather was a respected merchant in Bristol who lived in a five storey Georgian Terraced House overlooking the city in the 1870's and 1880's. Being of some standing locally he wanted quality furnishings etc. about him and it was this attitude which (I believe) bought him to buy this particular dinner service which has style but is not ostentatious.

He died in 1904 a very wealthy man BUT three generations later ... a story we all know so well." Stephen Dearlove 2012


 'Union' - Unfortunately some of the photographs are a little blurred and the back stamp is not clear. However, the backstamp has a buckled belt completing the circle which is unique to Till & Son/s backstamps. The 'fan' detailing is not dissimilar to another pattern by Till called 'Alba' which is another pattern of similar design and quality.

E'Ware cheese dish


Thanks to Kim Etheridge who provided us with photographs of a Till & Sons cheese dish that she found.We did not recognise the pattern and the back stamp seemed to have a pattern name across the middle of the globe but was difficult to decipher due to a very smudged stamp. However, we decided that it most probably inscribed 'E'WARE MNFRS' (short for Earthenware Manufacturers) and therefore ws not a pattern name. However the cheese dish is definately a Till & Sons item and dates to around 1891. It is not uncommon for Tillson Ware to be unnamed but it is likely that there is a pattern name for this item that may be found on another item. Of course, being a cheese dish it may simply be seen as 'kitchen ware' and therefore a pattern name was not applied in the same way as a dinner or tea service. Thehand finsihed transfer pattern, however, is quite distinctive and pleasant. Unlike many Till patterns it does not appear to be a derivative of another transfer pattern.



Kitchener WW1 Commemorative plate


Jenni and Charles Dawes kindly sent us a photograph of their Kitchener Commemorative plate depicticting scenes from World War 1. Kitchener died in 1916 before the end of the war so we believe this plate to have been produced in his honour between 1916 when he died and 1928 when Till & Son/s ceased production.

'Windsor' teapot


 Angela, from Nottingham,  wrote to me and gave us details of a teapot, similar to one that she owned, that was being sold in an online auction site. We had neer seen this design, pattern or form before so we were very excited. Fortunately we were able to put a reasonable bid on the item and successfully won the teapot which is a superb addition to our collection. So a big thank you to Angela!


"My parents gave me the teapot last year and I was told it was from my paternal side but they didn't have any manufacturing details of it. My Dad, who is 80 years old, remembers it being used every day by his grandmother. She was born in the later part of the 1800's and died around 1950 at quite a good age, so I assume she must have had it from the time she married.

As there was no back stamp, I certainly hadn't got a clue and decided to research it on the internet. I didn't see it on Ebay but found a link to the shop when I Googled 'shell shaped teapot'. You can imagine my amazement when I clicked the link which took me to Ebay and there it was!

I phoned my Mum ( she loves her pots and is pretty knowledgable about things!) and told her what I had found. She wondered if mine was slightly earlier as there wasn't a back stamp."

Angela from Nottingham

Regarding the actual date of the teapot it is impossible for us to date Angelas teapot without a backstamp as not all Till pieces are marked in tea or dinner services. However, our teapot has 'England' included which means that the teapot was not produced before 1891. It is most probable that both teapots were produced around the same time. The advantage to the backstamp is that we can confirm the pattern name of 'Windsor'. It should be noted that there is also a handpainted Till handpainted design called 'Windsor' which is completely different to this item of transferware. 

If anybody has anything in this pattern or similar to this pattern we would be very interested to know. We are particularly interested in teacups, sugar bowls and creamers/milk jugs. Also of interest would be items that belong to a dinner service such as tureens or platters if one exists.

A big thank you to Haley who runs a hospice charity shop in Bude Cornwall. She contacted us for advice about this lovely 'Windsor' dinner service that they have for sale. If anybody is interested please go to our home page for further details. 


'Woodbine' -saved from a trip to the local landfill!

 A really big thank you to Gavin Halls for allowing us to use this photo fo a 'Woodbine' sandwich/cake plate. We haven't seen much in the 'Woodbine' pattern but we are quite sure that this blue transferware pattern would have been a popular pattern for both tea and dinner services. This design is pre 1861.

"I'm sending you the photos of the
thomas till and son serving plate with the name "woodbine" which I saved
from going to land fill. Hopefully you will be able to use the pictures
for your site as it would be nice to see them on it..." Gavin Halls






Mrs Mary Whybrew kindly sent us photographs from her substantial part 18 piece dinner service in polychrome 'Erie'. Sadly the photographs are not the best quality but this does look such an interesting dinner service with it's Art Deco form and design. We frequently see plates and platters of 'Erie' in transferware such as green and brown but not much polychrome.


Handpainted Fruit Bowl for Sale. £50.00 plus P&P

 A lovely handpainted fruit bowl. The bowl is in good condition generally. There is some rubbing to the black painted edge and some of the red inside has rubbed away. The item has clearly been used in the past but survived well!


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